October, 16, 2007
To the entire staff at Smoke Rise Farm,
Our family would like to take a moment to thank you for all your support and compassion, during our time of sorrow…
You guys are truely angels sent from God. We can never begin to thank you guys enough. May God truely bless each and every one of you…
With all our gratitude,
The Smith/Hicks Family

June 22, 2008
To: Smoke Rise Farm
My husband and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your gentleness and reverence you showed us with our little girl Gabby Gail. The spirit we felt at your place was kind, good, and loving. It helped our hearts begin to heal from what to us was a tragic loss. We have such good memories of her. Thank you for upholding that for us through the end. Her ashes are cherished beyond measure. Thank you again for handling them with care.
Kurt & Rhonda Newberry

September 27, 2008
I must tell you how much we appreciate your kindness and understanding. Unfortunately we have had to use your service twice over this summer for our beloved Higgins and Max. It has been heartbreaking. But you have been so wonderful in helping us to make arrangements for our pets, we had to write to thank you. I would recommend your facility to anyone who is in need of help with the loss of a beloved pet. Your personnel are so very kind and compassionate, your service is impeccable, and it is greatly appreciated.
The Deaton Family

Thanks for the professional service and assistance your staff provided in the cremation of our dog Loverboy. My wife and I very much appreciated the compassion the staff showed and assisting us bring some closure to his death. When I brought Loverboy home in his Urn, there was a since of closure knowing he was home again. Loverboy was very much loved by both of us and it was hard to let him go.
Thanks again,
Stan & Pong Ye Davis

Dear wonderful people who care,
I wanted to take the time to think each and every one of you there at Smoke Rise Farm. I have (we) and our pets, our “children with fur on”, as these are our only children: 0 have been loyal patients for twenty years of Dr. Lee Chanault, and his group at Metroplex Animal Clinic, Hurst Texas, and this was the first time we have ever used a facility to serve in the care of the loss of one of our beloved friends.
We had our own little garden of pets that passed in our back yard here in Colleyville with statues and flowers and all that, but this time we were and we moving to start a new life in Belton, Texas and lost our little kitty early. - We usually have them around us for 18 years! That was of course is due to nature, God, and Dr. Chanault’s truly amazing way/gift he has with our animal friends.
So on that note, our experience with you was wonderful, and your certificate and little box were perfect as our cat was a beauty. The engraving was extra special and all of this was so un expected, more than I though. I had no idea of the personal attention and the note was greatly appreciated buy us and all of this made the decision we had to make to take her with us easier.
Another words, it felt personal, and that is a rare thing in customer service these days. I cannot express enough how impressed I am and will recommend your kind and thoughtful service to any one else we know that would benefit from your services.
I am glad Dr. Chanault chose you as the caretaker s of the last kindness we can do for our beloved animal friends. May all of you be blessed in your service you provide to all of us.
A heartfelt thank you and from “Babette” also. You are appreciated and hope you never change the wonderful customer service you currently now provide.
Kind Regard,
From: “Babette” Bagnard’s family: Kathleen O Bagnard, James S. Bagnard

May 08, 2009
Dear Sherry & Smoke Rise Farm,
From the bottom of my heart…My broken heart….I sincerely want to thank you for your genuine kindness & compassion during the sudden & sad loss of my cat “Sissy”. She was very special to me & choosing to have her cremated was undoubtedly the right choice. Having her home with me has eased my pain & heart break & in a small way makes me feel like she’s still here with me.
Thank you for listening & lending an ear & making a very sad time for me a little less sad. It takes a very special person to do the job you do. Oh yeah…. thanks for keeping the blue towel Sissy was wrapped in… the cat I still have has slept on it ever since I brought it home.
Thank you again & God Bless!
Jon Ann Alex

Roger & Sherry,
I know this thank you is being sent much later than deserved, but please know there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think about how wonderful you were during our difficult time. Your care and compassion will be remembered always. Even though it’s hard to imagine losing any more of our four legged family members, we take great comfort in knowing they will be in good hands.
In loving memory of “Winnie”
The Rotering Family

To ALL who helped with Bo,
Thanks to ya’ll we still have our Boulder & get to look @ him everyday! We truly appreciate all that ya’ll have done & how well you took care of Bo. He now sits on our mantle & hearts. In the future, no time soon, we shall meet again!! Much Thanks! Take care & God Bless!
Mom, Dad, B Alexander, J Bobcock
R.I.P. Boulder

To all at Smoke Rise Farm Pet Cemetery,
Your compassion for us during a very sad & difficult time was truly a blessing. Thank you for providing such a wonderful place for our “four legged & fury” family members.
Kim & Kathy Houp

September 4th, 2010
Smoke Rise Farm
Dear Neighbors:
Will you please accept our sincere thanks for the manner in which you handled the cremation of our dear Greta. You have what a musician would call, “perfect pitch,” especially the short sympathy note enclosed with the certificate. Someone with rare good taste chose those few words very, very carefully; they are exactly right and I urge you not to change them in any way. Thank you again for our service to Great and her family.
Warmest personal regards,
Dick and Ramona John

May 23, 2009
Smoker Rise Farm Pet Cemetery
Attention: Kim Maitland
I would like it brought to your attention, the sincere kindness of three of your employees. These particular employees are Sherry; Roger and Michael and they went above and beyond their call of duty on May 18-21, 2009.
My husband and I had to put our precious, sweet baby, Theo, to sleep, on May 17, 2009, as he had fallen the night before and broke his leg. He was going to be fifteen years old in July, and we had loved him for all fifteen years. He had loved us in return and all we knew was love for each other. It was the hardest day of our life, but we did not want him to suffer, and the doctor told us he was in a lot of pain, and he was rather old to be going through any surgery, and may not make it through the surgery anyway, so why put him through anymore pain. We called early May 18, 2009, and talked to Sherry, what a sweet voice we heard on the other end of the phone, such a claming, understand voice. Sherry seemed to understand exactly what we were going through, and invited us out to the cemetery to pick out a plot to lay our baby in. We came out and visited with Roger, an individual like no other. Roger showed us around the cemetery and where two plots were together, as we needed one for Theo’s buddy, Michael, when he goes, also. Roger was very understanding. Roger showed us two plots near the back of tceme4tery, but I insisted we wanted two plots under a tree, so he quickly found two under a Bartlett pear tree. My husband and I told him that Theo had loved Barlett pear trees. So that is the two plots we chose. Roger was very professional yet so comforting to us it was though he was feeling every pain we were feeling. I was very sad about the whole situation and kept calling Sherry, asking every question imaginable, “What does the casket look like?” “What will Theo look like when they open the casket?” and other questions, Sherry was, oh so nice, and never once got upset, just politely answered all my questions, what an angel her and Roger have been to our family!
The day finally came, for Theo’s funeral, May 21, 2009, a day my husband and I shall never forget! We turned onto the road leading up to Smoke Rise Farm Pet Cemetery, both of us scared to death; we headed down that road, looking right toward your office, our eyes wandering off toward the left, looking toward the gazebo we couldn’t see much. We then looked and saw a pile of freshly dug dirt, and we both said together, “that is the spot where they are going to lay our baby Theo”! Roger and Michael were working in the cemetery; making everything look so nice. Michael was mowing, and Roger was cutting back some bushes. It was early in the morning, I will never forget. It was still cool, the sun was rising, and the birds were singing oh so beautiful. We walked toward the gazebo, and Roger greeted us to tell us Theo was ready for viewing inside the gazebo, and that he looked great. I just wanted to run up there to see my precious baby, but I walked carefully up there. Yes, my precious Theo was there, more beautiful then ever, Roger was right! I bent over and loved my baby Theo, and my husband and I begin singing to him and told him how much we loved him and would never forget him and we would be with him soon in Heaven. We stayed there with him for awhile, and then Roger and Michael came over and they put him on the back of a small cart, and walked behind it. Roger was so careful as he pulled Theo on the cart, making sure he didn’t bump the cart or run in to anything. He pulled Theo to his final resting place, and he asks us if we had any final words, we said “no”. Roger and Michael began shoveling the dirt on the casket; they did it so slowly and carefully, as to show such respect. It was just so heartfelt. My husband and I were able to just stand there and I didn’t shed a tear because Roger and Michael put the dirt on the casket so carefully, so tenderly, I knew they really were doing something for us, not just rushing to get it done, but taking time to do something that meant a lot to my husband and I. Roger carefully piled the dirt up on the grave, put the marker on the grave that said “Theo Lankford”, and ended with putting the flowers atop the grave. He did a wonderful job.
Such demonstrated excellence is a credit to the individuals, Smoke Rise Farm Pet Cemetery, and all the employees who work for and with Sherry, Roger and Michael. It’s nice to know there are some individuals left in this world that would go to this extreme to help customers such as they did. I would like to thank them again, and hope you recognize each one for their outstanding professionalism, caring, kindness and ability to get along with the public so well. They are a necessity to our community.
William & Janet Lankford