Research will reveal that there are various definitions being used by cemetery and crematoriums for private cremation services. No clear standards are being used as a rule. Smoke Rise Farm defines their procedures for each service offered to give pet owner peace of mind of knowing how their pet is being handled.

Private Cremation
Smoke Rise Farm defines Private Cremation to mean that only one pet is cremated in the crematory chamber at one time. No other pet shares the crematory chamber. This option gives pet owner peace of mind that their pet is cremated alone, when Separate Private Cremation is not an acceptable option.

Separate Private Cremation
Smoke Rise Farm defines Separate Private Cremation to mean more than one pet in the crematory chamber at a time, with a clear separation from each pet to ensure integrity. This service is a more affordable option of Private Cremation.

Private Burial
Pet is interred in his/her own grave and marked with a granite marker. All burials are performed at our Pet Cemetery located in Azle, TX. Your pet will be wrapped in a blanket unless you choose to purchase an air-tight casket from us.

Communal Cremation
Communal Cremation means various pets in the crematory chamber without any separation. There is absolutely no way of identifying pet cremains with this service. Cremains are buried in our cemetery located in Azle, TX. in a common numbered grave with various other pets.

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